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Why Choose Legendary Looks Hair?

Luxury hair is something I specialize in. Each bundle is made from the finest hair of each donor. Unlike other hair extensions, Mink Brazilian Hair does not dry out quickly or shed after the first use. Mink Brazilian Hair is high quality and cannot be beat.

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Experienced in "A Night on the Town" or just your "Big Day" such a wedding or birthday look. Shop Legendary Looks for all your special necessities and book with Hair by A. Monroe

Why Choose HairByA.Monroe as your Hair Extension Specialist?

Legendary Looks Hair

Mink Brazilian virgin hair is an upscale luxury type of virgin hair. Mink Brazilian virgin bundles are eye-catching, silky, and soft. This hair can be colored 2-3 times if done properly and professionally. Mink Brazilian hair has its own natural shine so minimal usage of any oils are recommended. If taken care or properly (washing, detangling, conditioning) , your Mink bundles could last you up to 2-3 years or longer!


Best hair I’ve ever purchased, hands down!!!! Hair is very silky, no shedding, no tangling. I will definitely be repurchasing, excellent value for your money!! You won’t be disappointed. Very satisfied customer!


I have literally gotten so many compliments on this unit from friends, family, and complete strangers. I been referring people to your page.


GIRL!!!! I'm in love with your hair! I'm a legendary looks babe for life!!! I love the texture and the movement! It has so much life!


I should've did a review for my first bundles but I was so excited to put them in. I like it. It took coloring really well. The hair is really soft and flows perfect and after every wash it's just the same as when I first got it!


Girl I've gotten so many compliments on my hair. They said it looks good and feels really soft. You did that girl! Thank you!

About Me

My mom was a hairstylist, so hair has been apart of my life since I was 5 years old. This may sound funny, but I learned how to do hair from my mom or sister not wanting to do my hair when I wanted to try something new. I started out with the kinky twist. I think I was around the age of 12. I wanted my sister to do them for me, and she wouldn’t. It made me so upset that she wouldn’t, so I took it upon to do it myself to do it! At those times, I literally knew nothing about hair. I saw a vision in my mind of what I wanted my hair to look like and got a mirror, rat tail comb, and went from there. It actually turned out to be a big success. At that time, I had two classmates that wanted me to do their hair and I got paid for the job! Next was my 10th grade year, and I really wanted to try some color in my real hair. Well my mom said I could get it, but she wasn’t doing it! Oh wow, that really crushed me because I thought that was the end of the new color I wanted to rock for school. So I there I was again, really wanting something with no one to do it! So instead of asking my mom could I dye my hair myself, I told her. Her reaction was if I take my own hair out, I was still going to school with a bald head! However, I didn’t care, I just wanted that pretty orange color in my hair! Box color was the first color I ever tried and boy did it turn out to be soooo pretty!! That was the start of me doing and creating beautiful flawless colors. This is where the beauty of my career starts. I moved to Jackson at the age 20. I had just started working at the Nissan Plant. I was new to the area so I stuck close to my older cousin Patsy. She was into wearing sew-ins and I had no real clue at that time what they were. Not to mention, I didn’t have a heart for doing hair at all. So my cousin invited me over for dinner on a Monday night. Previously she had asked me to do her hair, but I had told her I had no clue of what a sew-in was! So she told me she had a girl that was coming over that had been doing her hair, and she wanted me to watch her. So I was like okay, cool! So I went, ate, and watched tv. The girl was there, and I didn’t watch anything she had done! I really didn’t take my cousin serious at the time, about 4 weeks later, she calls me to ask if I was ready to do her hair! And I was like oh no, you can’t be serious! But she was! I admitted to her that I had no clue of what I should do but she insisted that she new a little and that she would assist me! The day finally came, and I will not lie, it took me hours to mess her hair up! The next day she went to work and sent me a picture. Her sew-in started so far back! I thought I looked horrible! I was ready to do it over again, but she said she would wear it for two weeks and that I could try it again then. Thank God for her believing me, because that’s wear my love for hair started. Everything that I have learned came from self practice and patience. My clientele came from people seeing my cousin hair and how flawlessly her hair weave was done! We both definitely didn’t think I would get this far ! When I was a little girl, I didn’t dream of being a hairstylist. Eight years later, I am HairByA.Monroe. I have my own business, hairline, wig line, and products! Thanks to each of you that I have met on my journey for the opportunity! I can not wait to meet many more of you!

No Credit Check Financing

Policy: Services: Pricing

Thanks for choosing and booking with Hair By A. Monroe. I’m excited to meet with each and everyone of you. Take time to PLEASE READ the following before booking your service
You can only book your service through TEXT ONLY at 6015509003. (Hi my name is ______. I would like to book/purchase _______.) Then we will schedule you a date.

NO CALL NO SHOW, you’ll loose your deposit.

No services will be rendered on Sundays and Mondays. If you need services on either of those days, there will be an additional $50 fee.

I’m open from Tuesday-Friday 1030-430 Saturday from 1030 to 3. If you need an appointment before or after the open times. There will be an additional $30 fee for me to open at your desired time.

Deposits are MANDATORY and NON REFUNDABLE. Deposits will go towards your booking services.

Please be on time and no earlier than 15 mins before your scheduled appointment. If you are going to be late more than 15 minutes, you will have to reschedule. Be respectful of others sessions. You have one time to reschedule with the same deposit. If somehow you have to reschedule again after the second missed session, you will have to reschedule and pay a new deposit.

Please come alone unless the person with you is getting services also. No one else is allowed in the room with you when getting styled. No kids.

Do not touch any of the units I may have on display at your appointment.

The hair that you provide must be washed and completely dried!  If you are natural, make sure your hair is washed, detangled, and blowed out.

Please make sure your closure or frontal is in good quality to be installed. I am a virgin hairstylist. I do not accept closures, frontals, or bundles from the hair store. I do not recommend aliexpress or amazon, it can still be used but do not expect high quality styling from this hair.

Keep in mind, frontals and the melted closure method are high maintenance hairstyles. They last anywhere from 5 days - 4 weeks. Depending on person.

If you a reusing a frontal/closure installed and customized by me, make sure the lace is clean with no glue residue. If you would like me to clean your unit, please book that with me at least a week before your appointment.

I no longer install previously used frontals if it wasn’t customized and installed by me.

I do not provide coloring services for hair that wasn’t purchased from me.

If you are not satisfied with your hair, please let me know before you leave. So I can fix any issues before you leave. After you leave, there will be no fixing.

**** Install services are discounted with the purchase of hair.

Traditional Closure Sew In 2hr 30mins $130
Scalp braids , no adhesive, styling included
*** if your edges are weak or damaged, I recommend booking the melted closure install or purchasing an unit.

Melted Closure Sew In 2hr 30mins $150
Done with 5x5, 6x6, 7x7 closure. This method is done using lace adhesive. Scalp braids, customizing, and basic styling included

Lace Frontal Sew In 3hr 30mins $180
13x4 or 13x6 frontals are used. This method is done using lace adhesive. Scalp braids, customizing, and basic styling included

Leave Out 2hr 30mins $120
-Scalp braids, partial hair left out, basic styling included

Glueless Closure Unit Install 1hr 30mins $85
-Scalp braids, basic styling, customizing, no adhesive

Closure Unit Install 1hr 30mins $100
-Scalp braids, basic styling, customizing , meltdown

Frontal Unit Install 2hr 30mins $125
-Scalp braids, meltdown, customizing, basic styling included

Full Lace Unit Install 3hr 20mins $200
-Scalp braids, meltdown around whole head hairline perimeter, styling included (With this method, you can achieve your hair in a high ponytail)

**All units are constructed on a machine

If you would like me to construct an unit and you provide the hair there is a 7-14 day processing time.
If you need a unit rushed within 1-4 days, there is an $75 rush fee.

If you would like to purchase an unit you can do so on the website or contact me to see what I have on hand at 6015509003.

If you would like to place an order for me to customize a unit for you that isn’t featured on the website, contact me at 6015509003

Closure Unit Construction 3 bundles $125
CONSTRUCTION ONLY!! I provide the cap.
-Add on clips $3
-Add on band $5
-no wash, basic styling $30
-wash, basic styling $60

Frontal Unit Construction 2 1/2 bundles $150
CONSTRUCT ONLY!! I provide the cap.
-Add on clips $3
-Add on band $5
-customize, no wash, basic styling $30
-customize, wash, basic styling $65

Unit Maintenance $60
-Deep wash, deep condition, style

Unit revamp price varies ( virgin or raw hair only )
Contact me at 6015509003 with pictures and details of the condition on your unit

All services come with basic styling (straight or loose curl)
Add on styling:
-A. Monroe curls 30mins $35
-Wand curls medium 30mins $40
-Wand curls small 1hr 30mins $65
-Crimps 45mins $40
-Half up/down on full lace $35
-High Pony tail on full lace $25

Coloring services (Only on hair purchased from me)
All color is provided by me. Coloring process is time consuming. Please book this option 7 days prior to your session so I can have it ready and dried on time.

Black/Jet Black/Blue Black/ Natural Black $45
-Dark Honey Blonde $75
-Medium Honey Blonde $85
-Light Honey Blonde $100 (raw hair recommended)

Dark root
-Dark Honey Blonde $75
-Medium Honey Blonde $95
-Light Honey Blonde $115 (raw hair recommended)

Full color
-Dark Honey Blonde $100
-Medium Honey Blonde $145
-Light Honey Blonde $175
Other everyday colors (Copper, Dark red, Burgandey, etc.)
-Add on to one of the above color techniques $55 

Exotic hair color using 613 hair
(Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, etc.)
10”-14” $50
16”-20” $65
22”-28” $85
All booking must be down at 6015509003 through TEXT ONLY

Other services:
Lash Individuals $35
Mink Strip Lashes $10
Melt belts $8

Payment methods
Cash app

When using any electronic payment methods, please send payment at the time you arrive to your session.



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